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Single Release Folding Walkers

Single Release Folding Walker

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Single Release Folding Walker


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The Single Release Folding Walker is made from sturdy aluminum and features a simple one button release for folding.


  • Instability while walking

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This Single Release Folding Walker is an economical walker designed for people who may need a little extra stability when walking. The walker weighs 7 lbs. and can easily support an individual up to 250 lbs. The walker features a simple to use single-button release for easy folding, comfortable soft foam hand grips and slip-resistant rubber tips. The walker is built from strong yet lightweight 1 inch anodized aluminum tubing with an integrated steel cross brace for rigidity. The handle height is adjustable from 32 - 38 inches in one inch increments. The single-button release walker is offered in an attractive silver frame color.


  • One-button release for easy folding and compact storage
  • Height adjusts from 32" to 38" in 1" increments
  • Strong steel cross-brace for additional rigidity
  • Constructed of strong, lightweight 1 inch anodized aluminum tubing
  • Slip-resistant rubber tips
  • Soft foam hand grips
  • Frame Color: Silver

Product Usage

Always keep part of one foot in front of the rear leg of the walker. This will help ensure proper support and stability while in use. Stand up straight with arms at your side. Adjust legs so the hand grips are level with the bend of the wrist. Elbows should be at a 20° - 30° angle when in use. This height offers the greatest control and most stability.

Technical Specifications

Single Release Folding Walker
Height Adjustable 32 – 38 inches in 1 inch increments
Overall Width 21-1/2 inches
Folded Width 4-1/2 inches
Width Between Handles 16-1/2 inches
Weight 7 lbs.
Weight Capacity 250 lbs.

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Single Release Folding Walker

Shipping Costs*
Item #: MD4MO SRFW

  • Weighs 7 lbs.
  • Supports up to 250 lbs.

Availability: In stock
The Single Release Folding Walker is only one of our walkers. This page features one of our walkers - the Single Release Folding Walker.